You have been selected to join the next big creator house! The twist is, we're located in the metaverse!

Launching Q2, 2022!
Built by creators, for creators!
Located in the Metaverse!
Please contact connery@jagged.biz with any additional questions!
What is the Metaverse?
Metaverse explained in 2 minutes! (By Microsoft)

The metaverse is the latest and greatest technological buzzword! Ideally, the metaverse will leverage technological advancements to create a digital universe in which users can "live" virtually. We envision the metaverse as a combination of virtual reality, augmented reality, and video, where users can work, play and socialize!
What are NFTs?
NFTs explained in 2 minutes

NFTs are virtual assets owned entirely by you! I'm sure you own some things on the Steam Marketplace. It's just like this, but the items are decentralized and able to be used across games and hosting platforms. Imagine being able to take your CSGO knife into any game you play.
Why should I care?
The Metaverse and decentralized ownership of assets is the largest development in gaming and the internet since social media. Facebook has even transitioned its entire business model to take advantage of this development!

We'd love to help you get involved in this new content category!
Web 3 Features
We help our clients achieve their ambitions and goals in today's ever evolving world!
NFT Asset Library
You will have access to our always-growing library of Gaming NFTs. If you need one for a video, or just to play around with, let us know and we'll get it over to you!
Metaverse Estate
All inclusive access to the fanciest mansion in the Metaverse! Use our Metaverse Estate for content creation, meetings, collaborations, meet and greets, events, parties, and more!
"I think if you do something and it turns out pretty good, then you should go do something else wonderful, not dwell on it for too long."
Alex Larkins
Director of Talent Management
"You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards."
Samuel Willson
Web 3 Consultant
"This is literally what we need to bring our own journeys not only to the spotlight, but to prepare them not to be put on the back burner"
Sarah Lewin
Content Creator
With the Jagged Virtual Creator House, we set out to create a social media collective, but also an incubator to develop our creators' ideas and business ventures.
We want to bring creators together, and share their unique stories, no matter the distance!
Explore Our Features
We provide over $1,000,000 worth of services to each creator!
Brand Relations
We have built strong relationships with many of the most influential brands, sponsors, and influencer marketing agencies in the world! All of our connections are at your disposal!
House Management Team
We provide a comprehensive management team to advise, guide, counsel, provide direction, and support our creators to the best of our abilities! This entire team is dedicated to less than 10 creators.

Saving you $374,800+ Yearly
Individual Approach
We can get in contact with any brand on your behalf!
Do you have a dream sponsor that's hard to reach? Have you tried reaching out but received nothing back? We are incredibly well connected and can contact any business (including incredibly difficult-to-reach ones like Mthrough magical enterprise-only software) on your behalf.

Saving you ~$12,000 Yearly
Personal Data Protection
We remove your Personal Information from 100+ websites!

Saving you ~$120 Yearly
Our Partners
For partnership with the Hola Festival, please contact us by email: hello@company.com
For partnership with the Hola Festival, please contact us by email: hello@company.com
Ask us any questions you are interested by mail hello@company.com or by phone +32 123 456 78 90
If I bought a ticket for the festival online and haven't taken the printout of the ticket, will I be able to get to the festival?
If you bought a ticket on the official site of the Festival hola.com or by phone at +32 123 456 78 90, then you can show your ticket directly from your smartphone screen. You'll receive an e-ticket to your email immediately after payment.
Are there any restrictions on the territory of the festival?
It is forbidden to bring to the festival territory stabbing or cutting objects, firearms, any self-defense weapon, gas cartridges, food and drinks, narcotic drugs, and alcohol.
Phone: +32 123 456 78 90
Email: hello@company.com
Frank Jeferson
General manager
Kate Black
Finance director
Anne Doerty
Petr Dostoevsky
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