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I should probably introduce myself first, right? My name is Reece Brunke, and I have an adorable Weiner dog named Chili. You're probably here because I make music, but I'll include some pictures of my dog just in case.

Save the date: June 25th
Alongside the release of my newest single S.O.S., I'll be performing a live-streamed concert on my YouTube channel benefitting the National Domestic Violence Hotline. More information available here!
My Journey
I almost lost my battle with depression at 13 years old — admitting that is, to this day, a challenge. Simply listening to music as a form of therapy felt like putting a band-aid over a burst pipe, so I turned to writing. After spending a majority of my childhood freestyling on grandma’s back porch, in seventh grade I started putting those words to the page to more effectively share messages through my lyrics. My audience slowly grew from my mom, cat and high school bullies to a diverse community of individuals who can relate and empathize with my background and message. We call this community the “Purple Heart Family.” Now, I attribute writing my own music to saving my life because it turned into an outlet for expressing my emotions in a creative and healthy way. There are too many songs out there that support an “I’m sad, let me stay sad” mentality and I want to pivot that message within my music to be empowering. I strive to create music that speaks toward these relatable depressive emotions and shows the listener there really is a light at the end of the tunnel.
S.O.S. Release & Concert
My upcoming release, “S.O.S. (Lost At Sea),” is a pop-rock spin on the common break-up narrative. In this song, I wanted to speak toward the overwhelming emotions that arise in toxic relationships and how you rebuild yourself coming out of one.

After learning how quarantine has impacted those experiencing domestic violence, I knew I had to use my platform to say something meaningful. After the great success of my Summer Kick-Off concert last year benefiting The American Suicide Awareness Foundation I am happy to announce that WE'RE DOING ANOTHER! On June 25th I will be performing a live-streamed concert benefiting the National Domestic Violence Hotline on my YouTube channel (youtube.com/reecebrunke)! If you can't attend, please consider supporting the cause by donating at thehotline.org/donate/.
Reece Brunke is a Chicago native who officially stepped onto the scene in early 2019 but has been creating music since he stepped foot into this world. Brunke’s dynamic energy and vocal range influenced by pop, hip-hop and R&B produce tracks with the power to lift the listener out of bed and into a new mindset. This young artist’s positive message, thriving community, industry support, and mentorship by multi-platinum artist David Schmitt mean that Brunke is an artist to put on your playlists.
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