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Branding is so much more than just a logo. Our experts do the heavy lifting so you don't have to!
Founded by creators to make scaling and monetizing your audience a stress-free process.
Transforming Influencers into Entrepreneurs.
We are currently in Stage 2.
Stay Tuned!
Stage 1
Existing Partners and Talent only as we transition our clients to Jagged Management.
Stage 2
Invite Only expansion to additional clients and brands.
Stage 3
Open application process for clients and brands. MCN formation.
No. 1
Create and maintain branded social media accounts on all mainstream platforms.
No. 2
Network with people in your niche of a similar size.
No. 3
Never sign anything you don't fully understand, always ask questions (preferably in writing).
No. 4
Consistent quality is more important than consistent quantity.
No. 5
Delegate the business side of things to us so you can focus on what you love!
Don`t be a stranger!